To Live Forever

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     All she wanted was to live forever.

     Sitting on a patch of grass atop a high rocky bluff, Tymin leaned her head back and drank in the sun on her face, the salt spray on her lips, and the pounding of the sea reverberating through her very bones.  She shook out her short gray locks and hugged her knees to her chest. It couldn't be any better than this.  Slipping away from her responsibilities to this spot on the bluff overlooking the ocean: it was her one true love.  She allowed herself to lay back on the new carpet of green and feel beneath her back the thawing traces of winter's chill--and the promise of life renewed. She was so glad to be alive.... and she never wanted it to end.

     She was sure that she was not the first to wish for it: to live beyond the handful of years the Goddess Mother allots, to see what lies beyond not one or two generations, but hundreds.  To live long enough to see this very mountain erode into fine grains of sand. And she, Lady Tymin of Porter's Keep, a warrior of note, as well as a lady of wealth and power, surely had the means to accomplish this either by magic... or treachery.  She sighed.  But something so desired does not come easy. In fact, most thought it impossible to defy the order established by the Goddess Mother herself. But she had found a way and it was almost time....


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