Warrior Without A Heart

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    The young sorceress approached.Sword Chipping Away at Stone Heart

    Still as a stone, Renity crouched behind a clump of bushes close to the edge of the road. She scrutinized the surrounding forest with quick darting eyes, searching for the slightest hint that her presence might be noticed.  But all seemed in place.  The birds and small animals, having long since decided to ignore her, made their normal squawks, clicks, and grunts.  And with the unusually warm spring breeze filling the air with the smell of fragrant flowers, her scent would be safely hidden.  A fly buzzed by noisily and landed on her bare arm.  Renity didn't dare move to shoo it away.  It probed for sustenance, attempting to dig deep into her skin for moisture, but it flew away disappointed.

    Then just for a moment, as the wildlife paused at the newcomer's approach, the wind stilled.  Renity closed her eyes and listened closely to the footsteps: light and quick. Renity could tell the young sorceress was wearing sandals.  But more importantly, she was alone.


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