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 Short Fiction:

"Name of the Demoness"
Sword and Sorceress VI, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1990"
Staying Behind"
Sword And Sorceress VII, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1990
Sword And Sorceress IX, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1991
"Digging Out"
Harsh Mistress, Spring/Summer 1992
"Bad Luck and Curses"
Sword And Sorceress XI, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1993
"The Needle and the Sword"
Sword and Sorceress XIV, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1996


"To Live Forever"
Sword and Sorceress XV, Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1997


"Warrior Without a Heart"
Fantasy Worlds, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley and Rachel E. Holmen, 1998

Small Press:

"The Amulet"  Beyond, 1987

"A Question of Intelligence" Z Miscellaneous, 1987
"Resurrection of Eli" Beyond, 1987
"Clean Defeat" Read-Me, 1989
"Just a Toy"  Beyond, 1989
"Warrior's Choice"  Beyond, 1989
"Signature"  Pandora, 1989
"Lover's Curse"  Beyond, 1989

Future Projects

Jessie was asked about future projects.  He says, "I am currently working on a novel whose working title is Magic and Steel.  This novel continues the story of Neola and Freya who appeared in The Sword and Sorceress stories."


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