Angel Poses with Assassin of Curses

Angel with Assassin of CursesHere’s Angel again. This time he’s helping me promote the third book in the Chronicles of Coren Hart series, Assassin of Curses. In fact, he’s given it a PAWS-ative review.

Angel’s Debut

This is Angel’s debut on Instagram. He is Mushu’s son, so they look a lot alike. But their personalities couldn’t be any more different. While Mushu is a very calm cat, Angel is easily excited. It’s hard to catch him just chill’n.

It’s All In The Bag

Mushu in empty tool bagI hadn’t planned on posting a cat picture this week, but Mushu was so cute I couldn’t resist. She decided she wanted to try out my empty tool bag. She seems pretty pleased with herself.

Mushu and Thief of Curses

Mushu agreed to pose with one of my books. She doesn’t do it often, so I was especially pleased with this picture.

The stuffed animals in the background are only part of my wife’s rather large collection. Mushu naturally likes to relax among them.

Being Old

I got a big kick out of a co-worker’s response when I said I was old. I thought I would share.

An Unexpected Dinner Guest!

Pearl decided she wanted to be at the table too, and crawled into my lap from underneath. Talk about being surprised.

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