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There’s a New Book Coming!

My latest novel is on the horizon and will be here soon. The final draft of ‘Midnyte’s Dragon Kiss’ is done, and I’ve now started the process of turning it into a book. The cover art has been started, and the novel’s text is undergoing final copyediting. If all goes as planned, there will be both e-book and print versions. So stay tuned for more updates….

Another Quote

I ran across this quote and thought it appropriate for the state of my life. I’ve recently been given more time to do some writing (among other things), but now I have to figure out how to use it efficiently. Every second is precious….

Don’t Forget the Dragons

I thought about this quote a lot over the last couple of weeks. There’s been a lot going on in my life, and things haven’t been going to plan. Actually, not even close. It’s just a lesson illustrating that no matter how good you think things are going, dragons are out there….

It Ended Up the Same

I’ve been doing some final edits on my latest WIP. There was one passage that didn’t feel exactly right, so I started trying different combinations to improve it. After spending a couple of hours, I got it to where I was satisfied, only to realize it was pretty much the same as the original. Anybody else have that happen?…

2022 Recap

Originally, I didn’t feel I was very productive in my 2022 writing life, but when I reflected back on what I’d accomplished, I changed my mind. A Study of Curses, a companion book to the Coren Hart Series, came out on January 26th. Around mid-year, I revamped my web site, and later on May 18th, I managed to also get out Monday After the Apocalypse. Finally, in December, I finished writing my latest work in progress, and it is…

Fallen Leaves are like Zombies

Raking leaves is not one of my favorite past times. I recently spent a large chunk of my weekend getting up these droppings, only to have more show up during the week. That’s when it occurred to me that they were like zombies. There is one more thing about them. If you’re not careful, they’ll bite you in your lower back….

Details are Important

I recently had a small detail turn into a hugely important point in my latest WIP. I was merrily editing a scene where the main character was looking in a mirror and doing her final check before going out. In my description of what she was wearing, I kept thinking I was missing something. I initially attributed it to me being male and to just go on. It was just a detail anyway. Right? But it bothered me. As…