Thief of Curses

Havoc’s Sword and Ruin’s Shield must never touch…

After being hidden for a thousand years, the powerful Havoc’s Sword has fallen into the hands of an evil lord hell-bent on finding the equally powerful Ruin’s Shield. But an ancient warning says using them together will bring a disaster which the world may not survive.

His curse made life unbearable…

 Twenty-year-old Coren leads a cursed life. Inherited from his father, his curse causes disasters wherever he goes and makes Coren an outcast from even his own family. He dreams of one day winning free of his curse and living a life of fame and adventure.

The evil lord must be stopped…

 After his elderly master reveals a clue to the shield’s location, Coren knows it is his duty to stop the impending disaster. Accompanied by a hired sword—a woman with dark ties to the king’s murder—and her majestic and strangely intelligent hawk, they embark on an epic race to reach the shield first.

Despite the challenges of bandits, monsters, and dangerous warrior-priests, Coren is confident he can not only prevail but maybe even free himself from his dreaded curse.

Unfortunately, his curse has other ideas…

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