Thoughts on Writing...

Another Quote

I ran across this quote and thought it appropriate for the state of my life. I’ve recently been given more time to do some writing (among other things), but now I have to figure out how to use it efficiently. Every second is precious….

It Ended Up the Same

I’ve been doing some final edits on my latest WIP. There was one passage that didn’t feel exactly right, so I started trying different combinations to improve it. After spending a couple of hours, I got it to where I was satisfied, only to realize it was pretty much the same as the original. Anybody else have that happen?…

2022 Recap

Originally, I didn’t feel I was very productive in my 2022 writing life, but when I reflected back on what I’d accomplished, I changed my mind. A Study of Curses, a companion book to the Coren Hart Series, came out on January 26th. Around mid-year, I revamped my web site, and later on May 18th, I managed to also get out Monday After the Apocalypse. Finally, in December, I finished writing my latest work in progress, and it is…

Details are Important

I recently had a small detail turn into a hugely important point in my latest WIP. I was merrily editing a scene where the main character was looking in a mirror and doing her final check before going out. In my description of what she was wearing, I kept thinking I was missing something. I initially attributed it to me being male and to just go on. It was just a detail anyway. Right? But it bothered me. As…

Second Draft at 50%

Queue the music. I’m at the halfway point on my new WIP. I usually do three major drafts of a novel (there are LOTS of tweaks in between). So when I get to this point, I say I’m halfway there. How do I know? I track my daily progress. I am a firm believer in writing every day. At the end of the session, I log the number of the page I am currently working on and the last…

Character Creation Can be Creepy

I just finished the first draft of my current work in progress. As is typical for me, I like to become more familiar with the less filled-out characters before heading into the second draft. I usually do a sort of interview with them, where they tell me a little about themselves and fill in some of the blanks. I do this while typing the conversation, and if I’m lucky, I might get a bonus scene out of the discussion….

On Quilts and Writing

My wife is a quilter, and we frequently compare notes on our respective crafts. We’ve found there to be quite the similarity between the two. Recently, I was watching her lay out her quilt’s pattern. She would move entire blocks to different locations to get just the right combination of colors and shapes. It struck me that it’s the same problem writers face when crafting their stories: trying to get their scenes and characters in just the right place…

Write It!

I’ve been spending a lot of time world-building, outlining, and developing characters for my next novel. It’s easy to get lost in this process, playing with ideas and detailing minutia. But at some point, you have to put the proverbial pen to paper and actually begin crafting. I’ve already written several novels, but it’s still a little scary. Will the magic come? Will it work for the reader? Well, you never know until you start….

The Laughing Muse

You know those days. The ones where you have to get a bunch of things done. But your muse says, “Write for just a few minutes. It won’t hurt.” So you do and go on to your next chore. Only, your muse tags along and distracts you with whispers all day long. “What if the heroine said…” or “What if the villain did this…”. It gets so bad that you sit down at the end of your day and…

An Epic Battle

Some days you sit down to write, and the words just flow. But other days, it’s a struggle of epic proportions. My brain is lost in swirling mists, and my muse has abandoned me. Then that devil procrastination whispers in my ear, and I am sorely tempted to leave my post. But I fight on, struggling to bring words to the page and a story into existence.  Because defeat is not an option….

Your First Draft

I finished the first draft of my latest novel this week. While I was tempted to call it a piece of crap, I decided doing so wouldn’t be fair. Instead, I realized it just looks odd because it’s not finished. Kind of like the framing of a house. It doesn’t keep the rain out, and it’s got holes you could drive a truck through. But it gives my ideas a shape—a form. A place to meet my characters and…

Perks of Writing

Some days, I ask myself, “Why do I do this?” You know. Writing. The pay is pretty bad, I frequently stay up late cranking out just a few more words, and then a review appears that makes you question everything. It’s then I realize I don’t have to do this. I could just… stop. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I love it too much. Besides, every day I write, I get just a little bit better….

The Paradox of Writing versus Marketing

Some days it gets to me. I love to write stories but don’t like marketing them. But then, if I don’t market them, no one will know to read them. And if no one reads my stories, what is the point in writing them? But if I spend time marketing them, that takes away from being able to do what I love. It’s quite the paradox….