Midnyte’s Dragon Kiss

Possessing magic and technology, the world’s many races have grudgingly learned to coexist. Some have adapted better than others. Vampires and witches have become powerful and well-respected, while even humans, with no magic at all, have achieved a measure of success. But one race is unfairly despised for a long-forgotten crime—the succubi.

For seventeen-year-old Lapis Midnyte, being a succubus makes life hard. But by magically hiding her appearance and using her innate ability to manipulate emotions, she gets by—at least until her mother is murdered.

With no home and her illusion charm failing, a god-like Aether suddenly appears and draws her into a fight she doesn’t want. This sets Lapis on a collision course with her clan as they attempt to unleash a deadly, unstoppable force.

To prevent it and save the one person she cares for, Lapis must discover the secrets of her mother’s mysterious necklace and unlock the truth of her succubus heritage.