Queen of Curses

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The princess must regain her throne…

The false king rules with a heavy hand. His soldiers are corrupt and harass both nobles and commoners alike; the royal navy has turned into lawless freebooters; and myst users are kidnapped and made to mysteriously disappear. The kingdom’s only hope is for the rightful ruler to be restored. The false king is searching for her and wants her dead.

She must be vindicated…

Coren agrees to help Princess Zofie reclaim her birthright. But the task is nearly impossible. While Coren has neutralized the worse of her curse, she is still falsely blamed for her father’s death—the proof of her guilt seems irrefutable. An ancient artifact, lost for a thousand years, might provide a way to name the true murderer. But even then, for the other lords to back her may require the princess to forsake her heart and instead wed for the power she needs.

A forbidden promise…

Coren finally discovers a way to break his deadly curse. But it requires a bargain with an ancient and powerful creature of myst—something he has been warned never to do. The price is steep: a promise he must keep until he dies, and the risk he will lose the one he holds dear.

Unfortunately, some bargains are just too good to pass up…

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