I am proud to reveal the book cover for Assassin of Curses. Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? This novel continues Coren and Zofie’s quest to save the world from the Dark Avenyts.

I’m extremely proud of the book cover for several reasons. For one, it is absolutely beautiful and captures the essence of the book. The second is that the artist is none other than my son, Daniel Eaker. He has been drawing for some time, but last year decided to get serious. If you’d like to see some of this other work, check out his Instagram page.

And don’t forget, to promote the release of the cover, I’m running a limited-time promotion on the Kindle version of Thief of Curses. From February 11th through the 15th, it will be free! So, if you haven’t already read it, then this is the perfect time to pick up a Kindle copy.

I’m so excited about the new book coming out. You never know, I might get crazy and post the first chapter on my web site. Stay tuned to see if I give in to my urges!