Assassin of Curses is finally ready. Beginning March 25th, it will be available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle and softcover book formats. For those that want to get a head start, the Kindle version will be available for preorder Starting March 1st.

If you enjoyed the previous two books, you will for sure like this one. Assassin of Curses picks up only a few weeks after Queen of Curses ends and brings back all your favorite characters. In this one, a Dark Avenyts springs a trap on the princess, leaving her a mindless shell that no healer can repair. A representative from a far eastern empire conveniently offers a cure. But the price is an ancient artifact that the Dark Avenits are also searching for. And will kill to get.

With Zofie’s injury, Coren must confront the fact his fighting skills are woefully inadequate to protect her. If he is to find the artifact, and travel to the faraway empire for her cure, he needs to gain those skills and fast. An unexpected source offers Coren a solution involving forbidden magic and dark memories. But the person offering it has a mysterious past—one that got her banished from the empire. With the stakes so high, Coren is forced to answer the question—

Does he dare trust her?

So head over to Amazon and reserve your copy of Assassin of Curses. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Cover art by maelstrom_creativeworks