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Monday mornings suck.

For Sydney, awakening to discover that a nuclear war has destroyed the world is definitely not a great way to start the day. His mansion is flattened, electricity is gone, and even worse, there seem to be no survivors. This presents a life or death problem. He might have to do the unthinkable to survive.

For Allie, she awakes to find her apartment reduced to a hole in the ground. No one seems to be left, and even worse, she can’t call her mother. To survive, she must begin her search for help and pray she isn’t forced to do what she has sworn to never do.

They both quickly realize that survival in a post-apocalyptic world will be almost impossible.

Especially for vampires.

A combination of Dracula meets Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy seasoned with a bit of Friday the 13th and The Last Unicorn. Quite the fun adventure.